“He was awesome!” Matt St. Louis, MO 63103

Installing a new blower motor on a Trane air handler. Also we are out to do a clean and check maintenance service on a Trane AC condenser today. "He was awesome!" Matt - St. Louis, MO 63103.

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✓ Furnace Repair

✓ Heat Pump Repair

✓ Boiler Repair

✓ Mini Split/Ductless System Repair

✓ Furnace Installation

✓ Heat Pump Installation

✓ Mini Split Installation

✓ Attic, Crawl Space, Wall Insulation

✓ Crawl Space Encapsulation

✓ Professional Duct Cleaning

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Why We’re Different


Mike Boone and Jason Orsega have put decades of experience into Energy Stars Heating & Cooling. They co-founded the company in 2013 with a shared goal to help homeowners reduce their energy usage. 

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling strives to provide the best customer service through our technology, experience and training. Energy Stars Heating & Cooling is a contractor committed to doing things based on building science, which will insure your family’s health, safety and comfort.

Our 5 Star Difference


Few heating and cooling contractors will take the time to help you get your standard manufacturer's warranty by filling out and sending it in for you. We will do this for you and take this off your mind by giving you a parts and labor warranty that is backed by York. All systems we install come with this no worries warranty. You shouldn’t have to do anything with our installed systems for the first 10 years besides replacing the air filters and doing the yearly regular maintenance.


With each system we install,l we do a natural gas leak test to verify that everything is installed leak free. Also we install a carbon monoxide detector in each home to make sure everyone is safe. These harmful gas fumes are a serious health risk.


The service we provide is done the same way you would expect us to if it were our own home. We treat you like a family member or a neighbor. Delivering a make it right level of service to you is our core philosophy.


We guarantee that each piece of equipment is going to be the right size to both provide you comfort and the peak energy efficiency. If we go too big, it will cost you more upfront, may cause the equipment to wear out or fail quicker, and will not provide energy efficiency. Design the system to be the size it needs to be, will insure that you are going to be comfortable and get the overall value out of your heater or air conditioner.


Our staff’s training and knowledge is the biggest reason that Ameren chose us to be a Core Ally with their energy efficiency program. We have spent over $500k a year in technician training to maintain our standards and the knowledge needed to keep up with all of the newest technologies. Energy Stars also has made a large investment into building our own training facility at our headquarters. This facility allows us to training new employees and test new technologies before they go out into the field.