Customer is having issues with her AC and needs service repairs. Wonderful service from all. Was fast and very courteous.” Lori – Granite City, IL 62040

Customer is having issues with her AC. She explained that the coil has been freezing up so she called her home warranty company to come out and take a look at it and they informed her that it’s messing up due to us not balancing the unit correctly. They told her the only reason the unit was still working is because the TXV valve allowed it to but the unit is already low on freon and shouldn’t be within a year. The home warranty company wouldn’t cover the issues due to it being out error upon install. After talking with Kathy she told me to let her know that since she is only two months out of her labor warranty that we would come out and look at the unit and if the issue was in fact our fault then the trip would be at no cost to her. She said that would be great and I took a message for a return phone call for scheduling. The home warranty company came out and they said the TXV is bad not the coil. He took apart the foam and said that the coil is not the issue. Verify diagnostic and replace whatever is needed. We replaced the TXV. “Wonderful service from all. The woman on the phone was so helpful. Willing to work with me and my home warranty refund timeline. The first technician was good, got the diagnosis wrong, but very nice. The second guy, fixed what was wrong, was charged way less. He was very nice and professional. Asked about the sign of an autoimmune disease in my house, and only used the back door for entrance and exit, so not to go around my house. Was fast and very courteous.” Lori – Granite City, IL 62040

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