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More about the City of Black Jack, MO


The City of Black Jack was named for three, unusually large and outstanding American Oak trees that germinated and grew at the intersection of Old Halls Ferry and Parker Roads early in the nineteenth century. It’s name is taken literally from “seeds” of our heritage. The three trees, located about 12 miles from the St. Louis City Courthouse, provided shelter and welcomed relief for farmers hauling their crops to market from outlining areas. They provided a place to rest, a place to meet fellow travelers, and a means to measure distance to and across the Missouri River. In 1840, these three trees were named and became widely known and recognized as ‘the Black Jacks’.

Time and progressive changes soon began to alter the appearance of ‘the Black Jacks’ village. By 1877, Black Jack’s population was recorded at 300. Victorian- and federal-style homes, along with stone houses and simple structures were built along Parker and Old Halls Ferry Roads. Farms operated by the Jacobsmeyer, Trampe, and Poggemoeller families prospered and stretched across the open land. The growing village, now surrounding ‘ the Black Jacks’, became a thriving community.

Now in 2014, the City of Black Jack has grown to approximately 6,700 residents and 3,000 homes. The city currently welcomes and supports 43 businesses, eight churches, and three elementary schools. We respect our green space and treasure our 75-acre park, as well as our Joyce E. Hoffman Nature Park. As Black Jack continues to grow, our city still basks in the shade and life originally generated by the seeds of those three American Oaks. Those stately trees represent who and what we are today, a proud city with strong roots, providing the safety and respite of community for residents coming home.

This is why Energy Stars is a different Black Jack, MO heating and cooling company

Energy Stars is a trusted expert in heating and cooling specializing in HVAC energy efficiency and indoor comfort. We are a family owned and operated locally. Our primary goal is to make sure you and your household live year round in a comfortable home, have affordable energy costs and a reliable HVAC system. Over the last few years we have installed more heating and cooling equipment in the St. Louis Metro-East Illinois region than any other local contractor.

During this time, we have installed commercial and residential furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, indoor air quality systems, home insulation and air sealing products. On every job our technicians follow established heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) best practices to install, maintain and repair heating and cooling system. Following these guidelines will ensure your system is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and operating at peak comfort performance. Energy Stars also follows all industry guidelines and current building science with all of our installations of insulation, air sealing products and crawl space encapsulation for the residents of Black Jack, MO.

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