Ameren Illinois Home Efficiency Income-Qualified Program

Please complete the pre-qualification form at the bottom to see how this program can help you.

The Ameren Illinois Income Qualified Program is an incentive program that helps low to moderate income households receive incentives to help upgrade or replace (if eligible):

  • Heating & Cooling Systems (New Energy Efficient Furnaces and Air Conditioners)
  • Insulation and Air Sealing
  • Smart Thermostats
  • High Efficiency Lighting

Why should you apply to the Ameren program?

This program is designed to reduce energy usage. Ameren is looking for homes that can be brought to energy star levels by properly insulating the home, sealing any air leaks in the home, and installing high efficiency equipment- if eligible.

How can you qualify for the Ameren program?

There are several guidelines Ameren has to determine if you're eligible to apply for this program.

Program Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Your home cannot be a modular, mobile, or duplex.
  • Your Ameren bill must be current, with no disconnections over the last 12 months and cannot be on a payment plan in which you owe them any money. (Budget Billing is okay)
  • Your household's maximum gross income must be lower than the amount listed in the chart below.
  • Ameren must be your gas and electric provider
  • You must own and live in the house.
  • You must have existing units that are currently working in your home.
Number of Persons in Household Maximum Income

If you fall within this criteria, please submit your information and someone from our office will reach out to schedule an application appointment. This appointment will be to help you fill out an application and submit your information to Ameren, who determines if you're approved.

Items to have ready for your application appointment:

  1. The first and second pages of last years Federal income tax papers or SSI 1099 form if you do not file income taxes
  2. A tax bill or a copy of the house deed
  3. Ameren account number

The procedure to get approval to receive these incentives from Ameren is a required multi-step process. The assessments we provide will determine what your home will qualify for once your application from Ameren is approved. Act now to take advantage of these limited time incentive opportunities! 

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling is the Largest Ameren Illinois Core Ally

By submitting this form, you are applying to receive a home energy audit and incentives through the Income Qualified Ameren Illinois Home Efficiency Program. Following your submission, a program ally representative will contact you with more details.*

Please note: For this program only, Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co provides service only to customers in Madison, Monroe, & St. Clair Counties.

If you are outside of our service area for this program, please CLICK HERE to locate a contractor in your area.