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More about the City of Troy, IL


In 1819, ten acres of land in southern IL became the future city of Troy. Settler John Jarvis sold the ten acres for $10 per acre to James Riggen and David Hendershott. The community formerly known as Columbia was then mapped out, surveyed, and renamed Troy by James Riggen. Within a year, the village was populated by 120 people, and began a growth which hasn’t stopped since.

Troy’s humble beginnings started with just a band mill, storehouse, taverns, and housing. With the addition of a post office in 1833, and the National Road in 1839, Troy would become the first stagecoach stop for travelers to and from St. Louis, 18 miles west of the budding community.

All the necessary ingredients were present to make Troy a success by 1850. The community had grown to 250 people, covering every occupation necessary in a small town. These skilled citizens, along with the “stagecoach stop” recognition, helped Troy become legally recognized as a town in 1857.

Troy’s growth continued with the addition of more farms, industry, and shops. Churches and schools became present, while the local mines and farms offered employment.

Troy’s first newspaper, The Commercial Bulletin , made its debut in 1872 started by James Jarvis. The addition of a railroad stop in the late 1800s helped Troy’s population increase, bringing in additional revenue and job opportunities. Troy officially became a city on April 12, 1892 with a population of over 1,080 by the year 1900.

New growth brought about new challenges and opportunities. Troy met both of these head on, continuing to prosper with new business and jobs throughout the 1900s. Troy’s small town charm along with convenient location to big city business helped Troy grow to the third fastest growing area in the U.S. by 1978, and still shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the continued growth, Troy has maintained it’s small town charm. A strong sense of community combined with the promise of opportunity makes Troy a unique and wonderful place to live.

This is why Energy Stars is a different Troy, IL heating and cooling company

Energy Stars is a trusted expert in heating and cooling specializing in HVAC energy efficiency and indoor comfort. We are a family owned and operated locally. Our primary goal is to make sure you and your household live year round in a comfortable home, have affordable energy costs and a reliable HVAC system. Over the last few years we have installed more heating and cooling equipment in the St. Louis Metro-East Illinois region than any other local contractor.

During this time, we have installed commercial and residential furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, indoor air quality systems, home insulation and air sealing products. On every job our technicians follow established heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) best practices to install, maintain and repair heating and cooling system. Following these guidelines will ensure your system is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and operating at peak comfort performance. Energy Stars also follows all industry guidelines and current building science with all of our installations of insulation, air sealing products and crawl space encapsulation for the residents of Troy, IL.

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