Crawl Space Solutions

Are you looking for professional solutions to seal and insulate your crawl space? Get peace of mind that will last for the life of your house by encapsulating your crawl space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

  • Keep Cold Drafty Air From Under Your Floors

  • Seal Out Humidity and Moisture

  • Prevent Pipes From Freezing

  • Prevent Wood Rot

  • Prevent Mildew and Mold

  • Increase Energy Efficiency

  • Increase Comfort Inside Your Home

  • Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Do You Have Cold Feet in Winter?

If your home has a crawl space then you are experiencing the stack effect or chimney effect.  The stack effect occurs when warmer indoor air rises up through the building and is lost from the house into the attic through openings such as top plates, recessed lighting, drop soffits, plumbing and wiring penetrations, open chases and more. The rising air creates a negative pressure at the bottom of your home and pulls cold winter air into the crawl space directly under your feet.  No wonder your toes feel frozen!

Old Crawl Space Design Causes the Problem

Buildings with crawl spaces are typically designed to use vents to help control moisture inside the crawl space area of your home. For many years this was thought to be a good idea.  Modern building science shows that this doesn’t help much and usually makes the moisture problem worse. The vents were once thought to allow moisture to escape during summer. We now know that on most summer days, air cannot flow outside from your crawl space.  Instead, the stack effect draws hot humid outside air through the vents and rim joist into your much cooler crawl space where it condenses and makes the moisture problem worse, not better. Then the elevated level of humidity in your crawl space air can rot the wooden floor joists, the underside of your floors, and other wooden structures inside your crawl space. It also helps create good conditions for the growth of mold and mildew.  Finally, because of the stack effect, this dirty air keeps rising and makes up a significant portion of the air you and your family breathe each day.

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Modern Design of Crawl Spaces Involves Sealing out Cold Air and Humidity While Controlling Moisture With a Vapor Barrier Across the Dirt Floor

The dirt floor of your crawl space is an endless supply of moisture.  This moisture evaporates and fills the crawl space air with humidity. Today we control this moisture by installing a vapor barrier across your dirt floor.  With the moisture under control, we are free to close your crawl space vents, insulate your foundation walls, seal your rim joist, and create a clean, dry, environment under your floor.  As a result, you have warm air under your feet in winter, water pipes and ductwork that are not subject to freezing winter temperatures, less draftiness in your living areas, dry air all year round, a greatly reduced stack effect, lower utility bills, better indoor air quality, and a longer life for the understructure of your home. 

Does Your Crawl Space Have Water Getting in?

Energy Stars Offers a solution for your wet crawl space. When you invite us out we will inspect, determine the cause, and develop a solution to stop bulk moisture (such as rain water) from keeping your crawl space wet.

Dry Crawl Space Benefits:

  • Prevent Standing Water in the Crawl Space

  • Prevent Mold and Mildew

  • Prevent Wood Rot and Decay

  • Eliminate Musty Odors that Permeate Your House

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Protect Your Investment in Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Have a Healthy and Safe Home

Wet Crawl Space Drainage Solution

Hydrostatic pressure is one of the strongest forces on earth. If water is coming into your crawl space, it is probably being forced under your foundation walls and footer by hydrostatic pressure.  A contributing factor may be improper setup of water collection channels combined with improper grading of your yard. We have solutions to remove the water and prevent damage to your home.

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