How to Cut Down on Your Heating Bill this Fall

The calendar says fall, but it is seriously starting to feel like winter in the Metro East. With another snow forecast this week, fall is packing some serious cold weather. But after a sudden cold spell, your energy bill can be an unexpected surprise.

According to, heating and cooling your home accounts for 48% of energy use. But you can lessen the blow by following these tips:

Keep Your Furnace Filter Clean

It can be easy to forget to switch out or clean your furnace filter, but taking a few minutes at least once a month to do so can save you money. When your furnace filter is dirty, your furnace has to work harder to push warm air into your home. An easy way to remember is set a reminder on your phone or calendar on the first of each month.

Your filter may not need to be changed every month, but checking it every 30 day is a great habit to get into. It could make your furnace up to 50% more efficient which can result in lower energy bills. There are even filter subscription companies that will automatically send you a new filter each month.

Get a Furnace Tune Up Immediately

Your heating system over time will collect dirt, dust, and grime that does not belong. This can decrease your system’s efficiency and make it work harder to deliver the same amount of comfort.

A furnace tune up, also known as a clean and check, includes a certified technician checking all of the inner components to check for leaks or ruptures and clean parts as necessary.  This tune up has other benefits as well along with lowering your energy bill.  Your technician can also check for gas leaks and can let you know of serious issues before they become problems.

Make Sure Your House is Ready

Sure you can go out and buy a high efficiency furnace, but if it isn’t in an energy efficient setting, you won’t get everything you can out of it.  To make your home winter ready and help save on your energy bill see if you home needs insulation. Attic, wall, and crawl space insulation. Proper insulation can save you up to 11% on your heating and cooling bill.

A whole home humidifier can also help keep you warm. How? In the winter, the air becomes more dry in your home. Moisture makes air feel warmer so adding moisture to your home’s air can make you feel warmer without raising the temperature on the thermostat.

There are other smaller steps you can take to cut down your bill. Make sure the vents are not covered by furniture, toys, or rugs. You can also adjust your thermostat at night when you’re bundled up. Also consider getting a smart thermostat which can learn your family’s habits and optimize the temp according to your preferences.

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