What Are the Signs I Need a New Furnace: Everything You Need to Know About When to Replace Your Heater

Our heating and cooling equipment is typically “out of sight, out of a mind”. As long as it is working, many homeowners don’t worry about it too much. But your furnace is an essential part of your home. There are comfort as well as health and safety implications to a dying furnace.

An obvious sign your furnace needs to be replaced is it doesn’t heat your home well or completely stops working.  But read these other equally important signs it is time for furnace replacement:

Your Furnace is Over 15 Years

The average life expectancy is around 16 and 20 years old for a furnace. If your furnace is in this age range, you should begin your search before your furnace dies completely, especially during a cold snap. Keep in mind HVAC companies tend to be busier during more extreme weather so it pays to be proactive in your search to avoid downtime.

Your Utility Bill Keeps Increasing

There might be a number of reasons why your energy bill might be increasing. But if your energy usage is about the same, and your bill is going up, it might be time to replace. A furnace can lose efficiency over time, especially if it hasn’t been maintained on a yearly basis. If your furnace is not efficient, it will have to run harder to produce the same level of comfort.

You’re Having Too Many Service Calls

Occasional breakdowns can happen. But if you’re calling for HVAC repair every other month, it is best to make the long term investment for a furnace replacement. A service call can cost you anywhere from $100 for a normal clean and check to several hundred dollars.

A furnace has dozens of internal parts. Keep in mind if one part fails and needs repair, there are other parts that could breakdown in the future in an old unit.

Your Burner Flame is Yellow Instead of Blue

A weak yellow flame can be a sign your furnace is creating carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and tasteless gas that cannot be seen. It is known as the “Silent Killer” because it can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, other flu like symptoms, and even death.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is found in combustion fumes in gas powered vehicles, stoves, and your furnace. If notice your flame is not a strong blue, call Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co. for a free and fast quote on replacement. Other signs that carbon monoxide include increased condensation around windows and streaks of soot around the furnace.

Your Furnace Isn’t Keep You Comfortable

Do you feel like some rooms are always colder than others? While it could be a sign your duct work needs to be looked at, it also means your furnace may not be up to ask.

When You Do Replace Your Furnace

If you do need to replace your furnace, make sure to call a licensed, professional HVAC contractor to get the correct sizing and proper installation. There are multiple ways you can pay for a furnace including rebates and financing. A high efficiency furnace should save you money on your energy bill so it will help pay for the cost over time.

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